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It's our 6th Annual August All Stars Event and it's going down right in the heart of Southern California.

We're dedicating this event to all the support we've received from all the listeners from all around the world.

Often imitated but never duplicated...

We've been the FIRST and LONGEST running live streaming show on the World Wide Web and this is just one way to give it back to those that have shown us love...The Listeners.

We started only able to support 5 listeners in Cerritos (Of course our own friends in the hood). But then somehow someone in Hawaii found us on the net(whatup Mary!), then Seattle came popping along in which we soon added Mars-One to the roster. Not long after, we got hits from Brazil to Tokyo; from Orlando to Spain. We add more shows with our friends in the Bay to creat even more shows (Wednesday Wetdown, The Bridge, and the Friday Mixdown).

It started off with only one show on a Monday night. That soon became 4 LIVE streaming shows.  We've expanded our servers, kicked up our bandwidth and those 5 listeners from Cerritos then became THOUSANDS from around the world.

We wish all our listeners from around the world can make it to this event. It may a bit impossible but know that this event is for YOU and we wouldn't be doing if it weren't for YOU. So a big shot out goes to all of you from CAS and the Livemixshow.com family.

Always keep it streamin and check out our events section for details for August All Stars and all other events featuring our DJs.For more information on August All Stars, click here.